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WHO IS the 'average' Trump supporter anyway?

People generally worried -- if not downright angry -- over the continued decline of this once-great country...

...People who see their childrens' futures jeopardized through inaction and media indifference relative to a continuing economic decline...

...People who say it's high time we stand up to globalist Democrats and Republicans alike, willing to sell out America's jobs and factories to the best FTA deals...

...People with passion for refugee immigrants fleeing their corrupt homelands, but people determined to ensure the integrity of THIS homeland for refugees to continue to flee to, starting with the welfare of its own citizens...

...People not surprised by Mr. Trump's past indescretions, but tired of everyone else's overlooked sins...

...and lastly (but not inclusively), people tired of seeing America "jerked around" by dictators unbeholden to constiturncy, are now thankful America has its own "jerk" with the kajones to finally stand up for America!

President Trump cannot make America great again — only we can do that. Hopefully we can stop worrying about fast food football dinners, Ivanks's wardrobe and Kim Kardashian's butt in time to address the sinking econoimy, insane healthcare costs and many other major ills derailing America.

— Mike Todd

Trump brings peace of mind

A President who prioritizes connecting directly with we the people?. . .

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nancy pelosi head explodes
It's enough to make Nancy Pelosi's head explode!

SITE Editor: Dick Kulpa, former publisher of the classic satire CRACKED Magazine, creator of Bat Boy and three-time public office- holder.

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The Media Circus in Washington has transformed the Presidency into the Trump Cartoon Show

Trump Cartoon Show

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Pelosi spanks Trump on bare bottom

'You've been a bad boy!'

China controls North Korea like a puppetHow Trump SHOULD 'hand'le the 'Dear Leader'

Everyone knows what a bad guy North Korea's Kim Jong Un is, and the abrupt end to the latest summit is no surprise. Among all the bizarre stories to come out of what they call "The Hermit Kingdom," Mr. Kim is so holy he does not have bowel movements. (Millions of starving North Koreans may not have them either, since they eat very little.)
Three cheers for President Trump for refusing to be taken in by this madman (boy).
What Kim needs is a good spanking.


'My Two Cents'

Amazing Similarities Between Trump — and Abe Lincoln!

1. Lincoln was the most vilified President in American history; Now Trump is.

2. Upon his 1860 election, Southern states seceded from the union, claiming “Lincoln is not our President.”
Upon Trump’s 2016 election, angry Democrats screamed “Trump is not my President!”
(Oddly enough, the Confederacy was established as a single party state by former Democrats. Think about that!)

3. Lincoln was opposed to slavery; Trump is battling “wage slavery.”

4.Trump was elected with less than 50% of the popular vote; Lincoln received only 40% of the popular vote. Both owe their wins to the Electoral College.

5. Lincoln presided over a hot Civil War.
Trump is presiding over a cold civil war.

6. Lincoln “trumped” Confederate leader Jefferson Davis and drove him out;
Trump is driven around in a Lincoln.

7. Lincoln fired many of his generals; Trump has fired many, in general.

8.  Lincoln pushed for a railroad connecting the East and West Coasts; Trump is getting railroaded by media between the East and West Coasts.

9. Lincoln was labeled a “buffoon” by most political elitists;
Trump is labeled a “clown” by today’s political elitists.

10. Lincoln's efforts to save the Union were often sabotaged by northern media reporting Yankee troop movements (which the rebels read); Today's media would report Trump's bowel movements if they could.

11. Lincoln made America great; Trump is working to make America great again!

— Dick Kulpa

Hold Off On That Wall, Mr. President

high health care costs

1Thousands of Americans are thinking about setting up "Care"-avans which will take them to Mexico, where health care is far more affordable! "If we put that wall up now we may be shut out ourselves," said one future patient.

Third world countries are increasingly inundated with sick Americans unable to afford America's skyrocketing health care costs! One Obamacare patient complained his doctor recently advised him to return for further treatment "when he had better insurance."

Other patients are forced to wait months for necessary treatment due to overloading in the welfare-supported systems.
At one major facility, emergency patients are advised they do not qualify for free care since they are "not illegal immigrants."

— Cierra Queen

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